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Mocha or Flavored Latte 

Cafe Con Leche

Hot Chocolate 

Cup of Tea 

Specialty Coffees


Ice Tea 


Assorted bottled drinks 

Milk Alternatives: Almond, Coconut, Soy

***Now Serving Beer. 

Kid's Smoothies 

Kid's Hot Chocolate 

Organic Kid's Juices

Milk or Chocolate Milk 




Organic Baby Food 

Organic Baby Snacks 

Snack Box


Veggie Box

Assortment of Baked Goods

Hooray! Smiles, Slides, and Coffee has a - No Outside Food - policy for 3 very important reasons:


1.   Safety: Your safety and the safety of your children is our priority!  By controlling what we offer and what is brought into our facility, we can minimize risks to those families that have severe food allergies. We do carry some nut-based products, but we do not sell peanut-based items and will continually evaluate our selections for safety.


2.   Cleanliness: At Hooray!, we pride ourselves for our cleanliness and in order to provide the cleanest environment for you and your family, we need to know what is in our facility at all times.

3.   Viability: The Hooray! Coffee Shop is an integral part of our business model and the revenue generated allows us to have a clean, safe and beautiful facility. It also affords us the ability to hire the very best staff for you and your family. We purchase many of our products from local businesses so by purchasing items from our cafe you are also supporting local businesses in Hampton Roads.

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